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Using the Ruin and Recreate Principle
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Tools / Games
C/C++ scripts   /   (tcc) "-run" option for gcc and g++   (for Linux ELF, verified for x86_64 and armv7l)
ELF executable gets compiled into RAM, and executed from there — no auxiliary filesystem files!
<pbmtobraille/> (C)  <echo-e.to.braille.html> (web)
<simple_client-side_bookmarklet_creator/>   (JavaScript)
<GraphvizFiddle/>   (online Graphviz editor&layout [based on Viz.js])
<uʍopǝpᴉsd∩/>   ("foobar" → "ɹɐqooɟ" [browser XQuery])
<n-queens.xsl.xml/>   (n-queens, 4 ≤ n ≤ 9 [browser XSLT])
<peg-solitaire/>   (1-player board game [browser XSLT])
It knows all solutions for 33/37/39 pegs English/French/3-3-2-2 boards.
You may choose "Cheat" link (based on 1+16+64=81GB data files on this website).
There are 2,990,375,067 good positions for French board that allow to end with single peg on target field (forum link).
Instructions on how to revert a move can be found just above that posting (animation):

XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language), xsl-list (Open Forum on XSL), related articles and files

Hiking 9 stage Neckarsteig in 4 days

Eberbach 3-Mountain Marathon

myRunning & myStreak
My running activities and last 575 day Running StreakRunning abroad
(see DUV at bottom for my Ultra marathons)

A day outside of Las Vegas:
3h run through Red Rock Canyon, 325 miles drive through Death Valley.

oeis.org (The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences)
my submissions (ordered by "modified")

new binomial formula "C(a+b,c) = sum(k=0..a, …" and animation in A007318

Blue links in .svg work; "10-edge CCs" at bottom right uses GraphvizFiddle mentioned above for display.
Before that, submitted 4 interlaced bisections found manually.
A049651 A294262 A232970 A254627 A110679 A077259 oeis.org 6 interlaced bisections from one connected component of "oeis share bisection" graph all 40 10-edge CCs of "oeis share bisection" graph 2090 116 6 0 493 27 1 2091 117 7 1 2 28 494 11 189 3383 2 44 798 a(n) = 3*a(n-1) + 5*a(n-2) + a(n-3), with a(0) = a(1) = 1 and a(2) = 7, a linear recurrence which is a trisection of A005252. a(n) = (F(3*n+1) - 1)/2, where F=A000045 (the Fibonacci sequence) G.f.: (1-3*x)/(1-5*x+3*x^2+x^3). First member of Diophantine pair (m,k) that satisfies 5*(m^2 + m) = k^2 + k; a(n) = m. Indices of centered pentagonal numbers (A005891) that are also triangular numbers (A000217). a(n+3) = 3*a(n+2) + 5*a(n+1) + a(n), a(0) = 1, a(1) = 2, a(2) = 11. G A049651 A049651 A077259 A077259 A049651--A077259 A294262 A294262 A049651--A294262 A099919 A099919 A077259--A099919 A110679 A110679 A077259--A110679 A099919--A110679 A254627 A254627 A110679--A254627 A292278 A292278 A110679--A292278 A254627--A292278 A232970 A232970 A232970--A294262 A232970--A254627

Raspberry camera / gstreamer / raspivid / raspiraw
Teaser video of a closing mouse trap; the whole closing is completed in 0.01s(!).
This is an animation from Raspberry v2 camera 640x75 video captured at 1007fps(!), played at 1fps.
When the mouse trap bar touches down, it hits the black piezo igniter, showing a spark in front:

Multiple exposures of 84.3m/s (303km/h) inflight airgun bullet (1012x760 frame scaled to 25%, github repo)

Find more 2007 images & videos here (German language)
2-wheel balancing
runaway robot 1-wheel braked
2-wheel balancing (fast) line following robot (current, w/ camera and green laser point)

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
algorithms hardware principals
I used for robotics

Wireless control Eachine E52 FPV drone
(via TCP replay [attack])

raspcatbot (Raspberry caterpillar robot) forum thread:

Slowmo of raspcatbot passing, 100× slower than real, only 1.14m/s here:

Bring your own light and monochrome global shutter camera / free running 1774rpm(!), 6.04m/s with 65mm wheel

On left 2.2" display, Raspberry Pi3A+ and L298N motor driver / with 330rpm motors steep uphill

front view video from 22.5km/h toy train …

… slightly faster than 5m/s (18km/h) raspcatbot target speed.
Just to get an idea of what autonomous line following at maximal speed will have to deal with.

1kg raspcatbot running (with steel wire rope) on 1.25m radius around screw in garage floor.
Speed 3.24m/s or 11.65km/h, kinetic energy 0.5*m*v² = 5.25 Joule, centripetal force m*v²/r = 8.4 kg*m/s²

73g "robot"
96g Arduino uno robot
High speed Arduino uno robot
Loosing big outrunner motor wheel with bullet at 60km/h can be dangerous for top mounted camera ;-)
Arduecat (Arduino Due Caterpillar robot)
full stop back wheelies
• U-turn w/o speed (>2m/s) reduction
• just swap one motor's direction for some time
• slowed down by factor 90/25=3.6
90fps slowmo youtube video
• positions at start of (overshooted) U-turn, at 90°, 180° and finally before going straight again
Arduebot can do similar U-turn

ESP8266  esp8266/arduino

Standalone small outdoor #Wifi #access #point and #webserver based on #ESP8266-01 with #LiPo! [1] [2] [3] [4]

6g in total version

Wireless ESP01S Payload drop mechanism
addon for drone (14.4× slower than real)

single move mode   animation sct_map
Chess: construction tasks

I am a member of the German Ultramarathon Association (German-language) (my statistics)

For fun I registered as participant of South-German (Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Saxony) 100km road race championship 1998 in Leipzig. There were 59 starters, 52 finishers, and I was 50th finisher (at age of 33). There were only 6 starters in male 30-34 age group, and only 3 of them were from South-Germany. One South-German starter did not finish -- therefore I got official silver medal from German Athletics Association(!), was "2nd best South-German 100km road race runner in age group 30-34 in 1998" … ;-)
[winner finished in 7:07h, I finished in 12:26h -- better than 8km/h on average]
Huge amount of information on Ultra-Marathons