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Eberbach 3-Mountain Marathon (E3BM)

This hilly marathon is modeled on the Swabian Alb Marathon over the three emperor mountains with 1100m ascent and 1100m descent over a course of length 50km (on this site m is the abbreviation for meters).

Since there are quite some mountains in Eberbach and the Katzenbuckel as highest mountain of the Odenwald is located just behind the city border, the idea to the Eberbach 3-Mountain Marathon grew (this is not a race!).
On the Neckarwimmersbach side of town the Hebert photo (518m ASL) was a must. The Katzenbuckel photo (623m ASL) had to be selected, too. The search for a third mountain above 500m resulted in the Hohe Warte photo (551m ASL).
Start and finish is the market place (132m ASL) of Eberbach, and the course crosses two times river Neckar (121m ASL) and river Itter. This results in 1592m ascent and 1592m descent on a course of length 43.7km (GmapPedometer).
The course is suitable for Runners, Hikers und Mountain Bikers -- see under detailed location plan.
Have a lot of fun!

For (German language) run reports click on top right German flag.

[ More? (4 mountains, +2000m/-2000m, 52km): Linzer Bergmarathon. ]
or in Eberbach (4 mountains, +2025m/-2025m, 57.7km):
Eberbach 4-mountain UltraMarathon (E4BUM) GmapPedometer
Training run for mountain4: E4BUM-Berg4 / Photos of training runs of all 4 mountains here: 23.6.-26.6.2011

Information [move into the shaded area of the altitude profile below and look at the map left!]
animation mini map 2D-map (353KB)
complete with course
location plan
(incl. weather)
3d-flight 3D-flight (1.3MB)
windows media video
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[999x670, selection by range bars possible (below)]
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Runner crossing profile

Based on: Topographic map 1:25 000
© Land surveying office of Baden-Württemberg
( dated 18.08.04, reference number: 2851.2-D/3487.