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This is how DataPower models looked like when I joined DataPower development back in 2007.
XA (green) transformation only, XS (yellow) plus security, XI (blue) plus integration:

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(ㄣƖ0ᄅ) sɐɯʇsᴉɹɥƆ ʎɹɹǝW.html
303.js -- testing browser redirection loop handling.html
3lang.js тАУ one source file with 3 languages.html
4 interlaced bisections from
6 interlaced bisections from
Accessing XML Management interface from within a stylesheet.html
Adding latency during service development for backend simulation.html
Adding sub-second latency with firmware =
Allocation of big array or buffer in GatewayScript.html
April 1, 2011 515 PM.html
April 21, 2012 1053 AM.html
April 21, 2012 1151 AM.html
April 25, 2012 442 AM.html
April 26, 2012 1224 PM.html
April 26, 2012 631 AM.html
April 28, 2012 1034 PM.html
Arrows in function names funcb64тЗЙhex() and funcbinтФИтЗвdec().html
August 13, 2012 646 AM.html
August 21, 2012 556 AM.html
August 3, 2011 527 AM.html
Basic Multilingual Plane.html
Binary data processing without DataGlue license!.html
Binary request size without DataGlue license.html
Blog and Forum defacement after migration.html
Blog paragraph Firefox workaround.html
BMP.xsl.html (Basic Multilingual Plane).html
boot.xsl allows includesimports for coproc2 service.html
Caching client requests on DataPower.html
CDATA 1x.html
CDATA 2x (maginifying glass).html
Certficate Details -- not via XML Mgmt interface, but scripted.html
Checking for GatewayScript XML feature dynamically.html
Converting legacy 8bit data, again.html
coproc2 again -- integration in Eclipse.html
coproc2all  XPath 2  JSONiq.html
coproc2gatewayscript again.html
coproc2.html  v1.2.html
coproc2swa -- coproc2 client able to deal with SWA (Soap With Attachment).html
DataPower admin user.html
DataPower and XSLT.html
DataPower brainteaser (1x).html
DataPower brainteaser (1x) Solution  config ASCII art  HTTP2rawTCP service.html
DataPower FSH compression and curl.html
DataPower languages.html
DataPower non-XML data processing options.html
Datapower RJ45RJ45 crossover serial cable.html
DataPower Transformations.html
DataPower v6.0 available.html
DataPower X-Backside-Transport, Transfer-Encoding and Connection header fields.html
DataPower xsdecimal precision.html
Debugging binary transaction data.html
December 13, 2012 437 AM.html
Decoding quoted-printable string inside a stylesheet.html
Decoding the base64 dpfile data retrieved by XML Management do-export request.html
DES in XSLT.html
Determine whether Probe is enabled in XSLT.html
Determining all context variables in GatewayScript.html
Determining the arity of XSLT functions.html
device unique identifier.html
Doing recursion right.html
dpurl-open with tcp protocol and Non-XML response.html
Exemplary comparison of GatewayScript and optimized C performance.html
Exotic Unicode characters, twitter and browsers.html
EXSLT support in DataPowerFirefoxXalanxsltproc.html
February 1, 2012 1108 AM.html
February 19, 2013 1144 AM.html
February 21, 2013 228 PM.html
FETCH action stylesheet equivalent (2).html
FETCH action stylesheet equivalent.html
FixedFormat2JSON .js.html
GatewayScript JSON2JSONX.js converts JSON to JSONX (XML).html
GatewayScript  Modules  AES.html
GatewayScript with timers in v7.1.0 firmware.html
Generate GatewayScript in DataPower XSLT and execute it -- and why that might not be a good idea.html
Google Maps API and XSLT.html
gpxs2kml.xsl convert multiple routes to Kml.html
GraphvizFiddle Share.html
Graphviz  viz.js.html
gregorian_to_islamic date conversion.html
gunzip with GatewayScript.html
Handling file uploads without conversion and accessing filename sent.html
header eraser pattern for DataPower WSP and MPGW.html
Howto adapt ICU code page conversion for GatewayScript.html
How to deal with .. forbidden in template match pattern.html
How to  dptransform()  with a dynamically generated stylesheet.html
Howto easy callout to GatewayScript from XSLT.html
How to find a DataPower box where a service is listening on some port.html
How to generate UUID in GatewayScript (2).html
How to generate UUID in GatewayScript.html
How to not match something with PCRE.html
How to process JSON with Attachments.html
IBM-Forum-crawler.js.html -- DataPower forum 5th most active among 1000s.html
interesting thread with many turns.html
January 24, 2012 1029 AM.html
January 24, 2012 1051 AM.html
January 26, 2012 420 PM.html
January 28, 2011 915 PM.html
January 28, 2011 928 PM.html
January 31, 2011 726 AM.html
January 31, 2011 933 AM.html
January 31, 2011 935 AM.html
January 5, 2013 736 PM.html
January 9, 2013 422 AM.html
Java SimpleDateFormat vs. xsdateTime.html
JSONiq and sequence of dates.html
JSONiq conversion of XML to a specific JSON format.html
JSON Schema Validation (JSV), draft-04 ( and draft-03 (6.0.0.x and 6.0.1.y).html
JSON to JSONX (XML) conversion by new blob extension functions.html
July 1, 2012 1154 AM.html
July 17, 2012 1051 AM.html
July 5, 2011 859 AM.html
June 24, 2011 1100 PM.html
June 27, 2012 552 AM.html
June 29, 2012 718 AM.html
Latency messages in DataPower appliance.html
Linefeed after xml-declaration causing problems on backend.html
Literal Result Element as Stylesheet in big5 browsers.html
March 16, 2012 830 PM.html
March 20, 2013 812 PM.html
March 21, 2013 224 PM.html
March 24, 2012 749 AM.html
March 26, 2012 1115 AM.html
March 29, 2011 545 AM.html
March 30, 2012 1014 PM.html
March 9, 2012 426 AM.html
Mathias Bynens Asynchronous stack traces why await beats Promise#then().html
matrix multiplication.html
May 11, 2012 910 PM.html
May 13, 2011 257 PM.html
May 24, 2012 740 PM.html
May 30, 2012 1010 AM.html
May 7, 2012 1227 PM.html
May 7, 2012 159 PM.html
m.html -> mimeswacurl -- little tool for sending an arbitrary file as SOAP with attachment.html
mimeswacurl -- little tool for sending an arbitrary file as SOAP with attachment.html
Mobile use of blog, datapower forum and
myAndroid -- DataPower WebGUI.html
myAndroid -- hardware.html
myAndroid -- software.html
myAndroid -- why rooting  programming.html
New CLIXML management feature of
Nice combination of xpath++ and doSoma tools for querying AdminState and OpState of MQ FSHs.html
Non well-formed overlapping HTML.html
Non-XML data processing on DataPower XS40.html
November 26, 2014 635 AM.html
(ntlm)  md4  des for DataPower and other XSLT 1.0(+EXSLT) processors.html
Obfuscated XSLT -- more difficult to get than obfuscated C.html
October 10, 2012 527 AM.html
October 10, 2012 958 AM.html
October 15, 2012 221 PM.html
October 2, 2012 533 AM.html
October 26, 2012 635 PM.html
October 5, 2011 554 AM.html
On porting Ross Goodwin's (jQuery) Text Clock to GatewayScript.html
Pass XML unmodified with XML Threat Protection and Validation.html
pbmtobraille tool -- get images into terminal via Braille unicode characters.html
Pi day  GatewayScript use of decimal.js arbitrary precision decimal library.html
piggyback technique for coproc2  xpath++.xsl  fixMissingMIMEend.xsl.html -- simple HTTP POST utility.html
probe-timestamps.xsl -- timestamps from Probe Export Capture.html
Processing binary data in DataPower stylesheets 2x (CDATA pass-thru + XML threat protection).html
Processing binary data returned by dpurl-open().html
Processing ISO-8859-15 data in GatewayScript.html
Processing quoted-printable body part of a multipartsigned message in XI50 stylesheet.html
Processing XML and JSON backend responses in service.html
Promise.all  DataPower event-sink action.html
Railroad Diagram Generator.html
rawTCP processing on DataPower appliances.html
reading logtempdefault-log-xml in a stylesheet.html
readUtfAsJSON.js - detect UTF encoding and parse JSON (rfc7159).html
Re Count number of requests coming into the processing policy.html
Re How to get the developerWorks Forum {code}...{code} section in my Blog.html
Re How to parse html content on response rule..html
Remote WebGUI (2).html
Remote WebGUI.html
Re pbmtobraille tool -- get images into terminal via Braille unicode characters.html
Re Remote WebGUI.html
Re Storing file at run time in local disk.html
Re Sum of Pascal's triangle reciprocals.html
Re The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences┬о (OEIS┬о) gets 50.html
Revisited Java SimpleDateFormat vs. xsdateTime.html
Re XQuery in the browser.html
Schema validation and coproc2.html
Self-modifying code in GatewayScript.html
Send.a.Test.Message service.html
Sending zip archives to DataPower.html
September 26, 2011 449 AM.html
September 29, 2012 1214 PM.html
Sharpen your regexp skills with Regexp Puzzle.html
sleepsort -- with GatewayScript.html
SOAP With Attachment to REST.html
speak.js.xsl -- DataPower talks.html
start browser on commandline with HTML page from stdin.html
Stylesheet Debugging  Tracing.html
Stylesheet Profiling Tmes.html
Sum of Pascal's triangle reciprocals.html
Supported web browsers for WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances.html
sync_wait.js and wait.xsl.html
The diff between JSON rfc4627.txt and rfc7159.txt.html
The infinite hotel paradox.html
The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences┬о (OEIS┬о) gets 50.html
To be, or not to be.html
Today 11am EDT 2nd webcast on Non-XML Data Processing in DataPower Stylesheets.html
unzip-l.xsl -- XSLT implementation of unzip -l command.html
unzip.swa and coproc2nonxml.html
Using GatewayScript Buffers to process GBs of binary data efficiently.html
Using regular expression on multiple lines with GatewayScript.html
Using XPath 1.0 and XPath 2.0 in GatewayScript.html
Validate Document via WSDL URL.html
Wanna know what is in Probe context displayed empty.html
WebSphere DataPower firmware release 6.0.1 now available.html
Without words ....html
Writing binary data to temporary folder file in XSLT.html
X-Client-IP  Troubleshooting.html
XInclude not supported by DataPower  xinclude.xsl.html
XML animation.html
XML Management sample requests.html
XML to JSON Transformation.html
XPath 1.0 and XPath 2.0 in a single (concat) statement.html
XQuery in the browser.html
[xsl] support of stylesheet embedding for ALL browsers.html
XSLT 1.0+  XSLT support in browsers.html
XSLT number precision.html
XSLT peg solitaire in the browser.html
zip base64 encoded files returned from WSRR.html