Extended Latency Record Display

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Keyword tables 2 and 3 from Knowledge Center;

Table 2. Message 0x80e007ad keywords in alphabetical order
Keyword Description
Axx Action processing keywords. The actions are enumerated in Table 3.
BR Body read.
BS Body sent.
CS Connection started.
HR Headers read.
HS Header sent.
PC Processing is complete for the last action in the processing rule of the processing policy.
PS Processing is started, which is before the first action in the processing rule of the processing policy.
TC Transaction is complete.
TS Transaction started.
== Separator between request and response rule processing.

Table 3. Message 0x80e007ad keywords for action processing
Keyword Action description
AAA Processing of a defined AAA action.
ACB Processing of the cryptographic binary actions: PKCS #7 sign, verify, encrypt, or decrypt.
ACL Processing of the call processing rule action.
ACO Processing of the conditional action, which implements programmatic if-then-else logic.
ACP Processing of the checkpoint event action, which triggers data collection.
ACV Processing of the convert query parameters to XML action.
ADB Start of the probe capture. You use the probe to debug transactions.
AEA End of attach action, which reads in all attachments after the root.
AES Processing of the event-sink action, which waits for designated asynchronous actions to complete.
AEX Processing of the extract with XPath action, which applies an XPath expression to a context and stores the result in another context.
AFE Processing of the fetch action, which retrieves a document from a remote location.
AFI Processing of the filter action, which accepts or rejects documents according to filtering criteria.
AGS Processing of the GatewayScript action.
AHR Processing of the header rewrite action, which rewrites HTTP headers or URLs with a URL rewrite policy.
ALG Processing of the log action, which takes a copy of a message payload and sends it to a log destination.
ALP Processing of the for-each action, which implements a programmatic loop for each defined action. Each iteration of the loop stores its results in a separate output context.
AMR Processing of the method rewrite action, which rewrites the HTTP method.
AOE Processing of the on-error action, which enables user-defined error handling.
APP Start a streaming scan for an XPath pattern.
APT Starts the pass-through processor on the input, which immediately passes the name-value pair for more processing.
APUA Processing of the unread attachments action, which sends all remaining attachments to the output through the MIME processor.
ARA Processing of the results action.
ARE Processing of the results asynchronous action.
ARS Processing of the route with variables action.
ART Processing of the route with XPath expression action.
ASA Processing of the start attach action, which reads all attachments before the root and modifies the INPUT context to be only the root.
ASLM Processing of the enforce SLM policy action.
ASM Processing of the stream attach action, which reads each part from a MIME encoded document, finds the processing rule, and calls the processing rule.
ASQL Processing of the SQL statement action.
ASR Selectable runs after a non-piped parse to select the processing rule from the processing policy.
AST Processing of the strip attachments action, which removes all or specified MIME attachments from a specified context.
ASV Processing of the set variable action.
AVA Processing of the validate action.
AVX Processing of the validate action with a document-specified schema. You can specify only VALIDATE, but the DataPower® service can transform the document to VALIDATEXSI internally.
AXB Processing of the binary transform action.
AXF Processing of the XML transform action.
AXN Processing of the language transform action.
AXP Processing of the processing instruction transform action.

Note: APPJ, APPS, APPX, APRB, APRJ, and APRX are keywords that define processing of internal activities.

Keyword table 1 from Knowledge Center:

Table 1. Latency keywords for API and assembly actions
Keyword Description
CI API client identification action
CSEC Assembly client security action
EX API execute action
FC Assembly function call action
GS Assembly GatewayScript action
IV Assembly invoke action
JTG Assembly generate JWT action
JTV Assembly validate JWT action
J2X Assembly JSON to XML action
MAP Assembly map action
OA Assembly OAuth action
PAR Assembly parse action
RES API result action
RL API rate limit action
RT API routing action
SE API security action
SV Assembly set variable action
SW Assembly switch action
TR Assembly throw action
US Assembly user security action
VAL Assembly validate action
XSL Assembly XSLT action
X2J Assembly XML to JSON action