Samples for the use of hxp.xsl(xpath1.xsl, Serialization)

Use "View Page Source" to inspect the XML input files.
Have a look at "Tools-->Error Console" for the debug xsl:message output.
/*/comment() comment.xml
//text() text.xml
processing-instruction() processing-instruction.xml
//self::node() node.xml
processing-instruction('somethingelse') processing-instruction-L.xml
//xsl:* hxp.xsl.xml
/a/* star.xml
//d name.xml
/*/*/namespace::* namespace.xml Firefox does not support the namespace axis.
//@* attribute.xml
self::* self.xml
parent::* parent.xml
child::* child.xml
descendant::* descendant.xml
descendant-or-self::* descendant-or-self.xml
ancestor::* ancestor.xml
ancestor-or-self::* ancestor-or-self.xml
preceding::* preceding.xml
preceding-sibling::* preceding-sibling.xml
following::* following.xml
following-sibling::* following-sibling.xml
Figure 3-5 from Essential XML Quick Reference
/a/b[1] one.xml
/a/b[last()] last.xml
/a/b/.. duplicates.xml Demonstration of the missing duplicate node
elimination; result should be a single node.