Raspberry camera / gstreamer / raspiraw

raspiraw 600fps video; power line frequency is 50Hz ➫ repeat every 600/(2*50)=6 frames:
I. camera    II. my usage    III. gstreamer    IV. raspiraw
  1. camera

    1. Raspberry Camera Module (v1+v2)
    2. v1+v2 mode tables, raspivid/raspistill
    3. spec
      1. v1, OV5647, 5MP, max. 2592x1944
      2. v2, IMX219PQ, 8MP, max. 3280x2464
    4. price
      1. rev 1.3 price now <5$ (free shipping)
      2. rev 1.3 night vision ~10$
      3. v2 cameras >30$

  2. my usage

    1. Motor Test Station (MTS)
      1. contactless 90fps speedometer from top
      2. 90fps horizontal video for high speed (>50km/h) robot bump detection
    2. Cheap RC airplane with "outboard" Pi Zero and camera
    3. robot control, camera tilt calibration, line following: see under "raspiraw" below
  3. gstreamer

    1. gst-rpicamsrc
      (performant Raspberry camera source alternative to v4l2src or raspivid+fdsrc)
    2. gstreamer-devel mailing list archives
    3. Re: Minimal gstreamer raspivid pipeline?
    4. Re: Minimalist firm camera mount "on" CSI-2 connector of Pi Zero (W)
    5. Re: 2nd SPI port usable?
    6. Re: Live Preview to TFT Screen
    7. Re: Howto: Pi Zero streams USB webcam to TFT LCD with gstreamer
  4. raspiraw

    1. Raw sensor access / CSI-2 receiver peripheral
      (access raw bayer camera frames without closed source GPU)
      1. compile / prepare / use raspiraw
      2. compile 6by9's dcraw (converts raw frames)
      3. howto inspect I2C traffic bewteen camera and Pi 2B (starting here)
      4. 90fps mode for 640x480 format raspiraw, patch and description here
      5. 180fps(!) for 640x240 format here
      6. Howto capture 360fps(!) (640x240 stretched) videos with Raspberry v1 camera here
      7. Capturing with 600fps!! (640x64 stretched to 640x128) on Pi 2B here
      8. raspiraw usage and framerate table
    2. information
      1. RAW10 (format, v1 is BGGR type, used by existing raspiraw modes)
      2. RAW8 (format, details)
      3. Raspberry Pi CSI Interface Connector Pinout
        1. see "Camera" in schematics
        2. information
    3. Re: raspiraw raw bayer data: how to use in callbacks for feature extraction and robot control
      (automatic camera tilt calibration)
    4. Re: gstreamer plugin dev / appsrc / raspiraw / Raspberry camera
      ($ raspiraw -md 7 -t 5000 -sr 1 -o "appsrc name=_ ! videoconvert ! fbdevsink device=/dev/fb0")
    5. raspiraw high frame rate fork: https://github.com/Hermann-SW/raspiraw
    600fps 640x64 (rescaled to 640x128) video taken with v1 camera, played 24x slowed down:
    360fps 640x120 (rescaled to 640x240) video taken with v1 camera, played 25x slowed down:
    "I hereby confirm that my finger that I moved quickly before the Pi Zero is NOT transparent" 😂